The Cuckiest Thing I’ve Ever Seen; Miss Lindsey Endorses Yeb!

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Miss Lindsey Graham, faithful minion of AIPAC, stationed in the beleaguered State of South Carolina, just endorsed the most pathetic professional Cuckold that has ever disgraced the planet, Jeb! Bush, for President of the United States,  of he once-sovereign nation that was once known as “America”.  Who-da thunkit?



I know I am a few days late on posting this stunning even, but it doesn’t matter. “Yeb! the treacherous Cuck is not going to be POTUS. The Israeli Firster Money Machers promoting Bush have poured millions into his ridiculous campaign. All for nought. Good. Waste those shekels, boychicks! Every shekel you expend is a real world token of your diminishing influence on the American Goyim. The more you spend, the more America hates this demented weirdo. Bush has done everything he can do to make real Americans loathe him. Every time he appears in public, and tries to appear “Presidential” an “tough”,  the more sane, sentient Humans, who are even paying a shred of attention, see the result of a 100 years of the deliberate Talmudic destruction of the American  Dream. Good work, fellas!


Yeb!’s not the important element. Please watch the absurd Miss Lindsey blather on about the reasons why she….errr he is supporting Bush. The speech is not  lengthy, but instead pithily encapsulates every single element of What’s Gone Wrong. The really wickedly funny aspect is a large section of the endorsement consists of excoriating the way-out-in-front-of-the-pack Presidential Front Runner Donald Trump, and Trump’s stated policy of placing a moratorium of allowing Muslims to enter America. The latest, most insane tactic of the NeoCohen loonies is to burble about how “ order to prevent Islamic Radicals from taking over, we have to let them into our counties, and engage, and get to know them, and take them out for a nice candle-lit dinner,  and hold hands, and cuddle, and hold hands and other things,  or else they will hate us and be mean and what not….”.  We can’t “declare war on a religion” because even though the adherents have  a   centuries-old, 100% consistent, proven history of implacable  fanaticism and violent conquest via The Sword, denying them  entry and rejecting their Point of View is like….uh…not Murkin’, or something. “It’s not who we are!”. Right. Especially after Muslims establish a critical demographic percentage. We won’t be Americans, anymore. We’ll be yet another Islamic mess.

The Tribe is really doing a Tony Montana Face Down in a Pile of Blow, with that one.  Really – even the dimmest, woefully ignorant, selfish, short-sighted Common Core ‘Murkin Goyiml see through the idiocy of this policy. Letting in an invader to prevent an invader from taking over flies in the face of everything that has ever happened in the entire history of the Human Race. The primal limbic base of every barely cogent Human sends out Red Hot Flares of “DANGER! DANGER! DANGER! Crazy to the CORE!”  when confronted with this latest lunacy. Excepting for the wholly paid for and owned degenerate Cucks of the GOP, and their Kosher Puppet Masters.

This video serves as a historical visual and aural record, and monument, to the precise moment when the NeoCohen Deathgrip on the American Conservatard Movement rolled over and died. This was decades overdue, but things take time. At last. Good riddance. For this, we thank you! Buh bye!

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