A National White-Out

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I’ve been engrossed in watching the Black Lies Splatter Nation-wide Grand Mal Chimp-out, on TV aka Talmud Vision, since last Friday’s assault on police, and the resulting murder of 5 police officers, in Dallas, TX, along with millions of Americans across this broken Nation.  Negroes, and their (((handlers))) and (((financiers))) have been engaging in nation-wide, well-funded, highly organized “protests” again “police abuse” of Negroes. They’ve been calling this nation-wide Chimp Out “The Weekend of Rage” – but seriously – when aren’t they “raging”? Black enjoy these theatrics. Rage and mayhem is their idea of fun.  Black are having an absolutely splendid time, “falling out” on camera, and challenging and attacking police forces, who are the proxies for the White Race.

“It’s a par-tay! Git yo ass down heeyah! Done fogit mah cigarattes”

I’m certain that most Talmud Vision viewers are not analyzing the forces that have led up to this open Racial warfare, and are completely oblivious the history behind all of this. Most racial civilians aka Normies, have simply wanted to live normal lives, have been very busy doing just that, and haven’t wanted to know. At last, at long last,  many, many, many Normies are finally unable to dent racial reality, as the bullets fly all over the country. It’s called “RaHoWa”, Normies. Racial Holy War.You’ve been trying to ignore the racial fissures, for decades, but this is no longer possible. This was inevitable. This is the road we’ve travelling for  centuries. RaHowa is here, and RaHoWa is now.

Negroes are not the source of this social melt-down. Marxist, Zionist Jews are. Negroes have been used by Jews, as biological weapons, against the White once-majority population of America for approximately 100 years.  Jews chose weapons as their agents of destruction because Jews are maters of Divide and Conquer techniques. Jews use others as their mask, and as cover, so their Host population’s attention id diverted elsewhere, away from them. Negroes are easy to manipulate, as a Race. Their time preferences, generally low-IQ, hair-trigger emotionalism, and gleeful predilection for full-on, Black Flag War violence make them extremely easy to weaponize. Lev Bronstein aka Trotsky,  prominent Communist Jew (Jews are not White, Whitey)

noticed these “assets” early on, when he instructed his “fellow travelers” aka Commie Jews, in the USA, to recruit Negroes to the (((Communist))) goal of destroying Christendom. The White Christian West. Jews have been following his advice ever since, to immense “success”, all along. Wrecker of Multiple Western Nations, the Uber Child of the Devil Jew George “Soros” Schwartz has been funding the BLM  insurrection for years, as well as the Jihadi invasion of Europe. Negroes would not be capable of systemic, nationwide agitating and insurrection, with out lots of (((outside))) help, because of their very natures.

The nation-wide protests are not spontaneous. Haven’t you ever wondered, Whitey, how thousands of people have a seemingly limitless ability to show up at any given place, on a “moment’s notice”? No, Whitey. You haven’t. Because you go to work. You have deadlines and schedules to meet, in order to make your living. You can’t just drop everything, and run off, sometimes travelling hundreds or thousands if miles, to agitate for your own ethnic interests.  You’ve been systematically, deliberately, ruthlessly de-racinated to the point where it doesn’t occur to most of you that you have a racial identity, and an attendant collective racial interest .

You may, in passing, wonder, to yourself, “Don’t these people have jobs”? No Whitey. Most of them don’t. Some do, but most of them live off of YOU. Your tax shekels, collected from your time, energy, and effort, pay for them. You enable them to destroy you.

Stop. Just stop.


I’m calling for a White Out. A day, week, month, or forever, where White STOP. Stop working. Stop paying for the rope used to hang us. Stop making the rope. Stop going to work. Stop feeding the systems created to kill us.

Stop working for people that hate you. You’ll have a lot more fun, if you do!

I’m calling for a nation wide boycott of White Genocide. Police forces have already kinda-sorta “begun to stop”. It’s been termed “The Ferguson Effect”, coined be the despicable FBI Top Whore James Comey. Police forces have kinda-sorta stopped policing in “Urban”  aka Ghetto Nigger regions. They’ve been painfully taught that every-time they attempt to arrest or even question some po’innocent  350 lb fully-grown, armed Black Chile’, some sort of recording device will be deployed into action, and extremely edited/limited versions of Black “reality” will be pimped long, far, and wide by the White HATING (((media))). The PoPo Judas Goat will then be persecuted, attacked, punished, and now, slaughtered by the howling Marxist Collective Maw. So cops have essentially stopped policing Negroes. Naturally Negro crimes mushroom exponentially. But it’s the Po Po’s fault, of course….until Dallas….now some sort of vestigial pro-active biological self-defense instincts are kicking in, as elements of police and governmental authorities have tepidly begin to suggest that perhaps a teeny weeny tiny whiny bit of the responsibility for “Black oppression and racism may just belongs to Blacks, themselves. Bit it’s not nearly enough. of a response to stop the Marxist rampage White annihilation by  Blacks and their (((Masters))).

I am calling for all Whites to stop participating. Don’t play along. Don’t show up for work. Stop keeping things going. Doctors, nurses, clerical staff, engineers, construction workers, electricians, plumbers, HVAC techs (most people are clueless regarding the critical factor of electricity/HVAC. Our entire existence currently depends on electricity. Electricians/HVAC personnel could bring the JEWSA, and the world, to it’s knees in days), teachers, janitors – every-one. Stop running the Machine. Let the Orcs take care of themselves. It’s our country, and our world. We are Civilization. Stop allowing the Malignant Other to confound us, abuse us, buffalo us and ultimately destroy us.

I know I’m asking for the Almost Impossible. Most Whites want normalcy. Order. Productive, positive actions. Most Whites loathe and detest chaos and disorder.  Well guess what, Whitey – it’s over. “Normal” is gone. We’ve allowed the malicious, predatory, parasitic, White HATING Other to invade, infest, infect, and take over every aspect of our civilization. Of our lives. “Normalcy” – lawful, orderly, sane daily social behavior can and does still happen, but “normal” social mores and codes of  conduct are vanishing with our population, as the Nation blackens. “Normal” behavior is WHITE behavior. Culture is an expression  genetics – not the other way ’round.

The White Out will occur, naturally, as our population diminishes. White children are already the minority population in many regions of the JewSA. Why not get ahead of the curve, and exert our racial power, while we still can?

We Awakened Whites The Something Wicked Coming This Way. We see what lies ahead. Normies don’t. Again – Normies haven’t wanted to see. Well that course of action has now been blown away in the barrage of a Black terrorist sniper’s bullets, in Dallas, TX. Normies are getting their racial cherries collectively popped. Normies are getting racially gang-raped, and the real assault has only just begun. Whitey – you still have the ability to stop this all of this. Do you have the will?


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