The Cruz/Oswald Pic; Where’s the Lawsuit, Ted?

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Rafael “Ted” Cruz, Senator from Texas, and a man with out a country, dropped out of the American Presidential Race of 2016 two days ago. He was crushed by the Trump campaign in the Indiana GOP primary. Indiana was supposed to be Cruz’s “firewall” state. The IN Evangelicals were supposed to support him over Trump. Oh well! The landslide for Trump was about Trump’s Populist Nationalism aka jobs jobs jobs. I don’t believe that the economic issue was the reason that Cruz suddenly fled. I think is was this photograph:

Lee Harvey Oswald is on the left. Rafael Cruz, pater, is on the right. References to this story, and virtually all references to Rafael Cruz junior, in the Controlled Media, have vanished.  Rafael “Ted” Cruz did go on a rant about Donald Trump’s citation of the National Inquirer story, that published this photo, and the brief story behind it, in the April 20, 2016 edition.

Cruz flipped out, and called Trump all kinds of names, but he didn’t actually deny anything. He’s a lawyer, and he used slippery. slithery legalistic terminology to denounce Trump, but did not deny the story.  Cruz Jr. hasn’t begun a lawsuit against the National Inquirer, either.

As far as I am concerned, this is a tacit admission of truth. Rafael Cruz pater is a really shady character. The photograph is real

Thank you, Donald Trump!



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